Monday, September 21, 2009

Do women enjoy being spanked by their boyfriends/husbands?

Does being spanked for being naughty turn women on?

What form of spanking is the best? Over the knee and hard until the buttocks are red? Open hand or with a belt or a paddle? I need some suggestions to spice up my love life.

Yes, some women are turned on by being spanked, some more than others.

Well, for an erotic spanking, which I presume is what you're asking about, one of (yes, there are many) the best methods is firm and slow swats to the sitspot (the area that includes the lower bottom and where cheeks meet the thighs, the part that touches the chair when you sit down). This region shares many nerves and blood vessels with the genitalia, so repeated impact to this area will suffuse both with heat and sensation, leading to arousal.

There are, of course, several tricks to use. I have one that I'm particularly fond of, which has given a few young ladies orgasms while being spanked over my knee. I'm not going to share it here, though.

Some girls prefer the hand, while others are quite fond of leather or wood. The main difference is if they like thuddy or stingy swats. How hard you can hit is also variable. Ignore the previous assertion that only "mild or symbolic" swats are permitted. Some girls like it good and hard. For instance, I have several pictures on my spanking blog of my beloved Cookie's bruised bottom after playtime.

Plus, not all enjoyment has to be of the erotic kind. Some simply like to get playful spankings, without any sexuality involved. Others like to have their limits pushed to experience an endorphine release, or to relieve physical or mental stress that they're under. Some even don't "enjoy" spanking, per se, but seek out spanking partners for the purpose of behavioral modification. In other words, they look for spankings for discipline and punishment, not pleasure. While they may feel that they need to be spanked, they don't "want" or "desire" the ones that they ultimately get. I actually have an essay on my spanking blog that details several different qualities that a spanking may have, and erotic is only one of the six that I describe.

personally I love it when my hubby puts me over his knee for a bare bottomed spanking - until my bottom is glowing red...ouch but mmm.

Sometimes, if I have been really "naughty" he spanks me over his knee, then makes me bend over the bed/sofa/chair/table and gives me some strokes of a riding crop (ouch again!)

we have a wonderful sex life

Ordinarily, this is spouse or girlfriend abuse. It is considered battery by law. Don't even think about it.

However, it's different if a couple has a mutually agreed-upon sadomasochistic relationship and uses this as a form of sex play. But, even then, only mild or symbolic forms.

You really should not hurt the one you love.

It's not ever happened; my fiance and I are not yet intimate.

I think that a good wife should submit to her husband; but a good husband should love his wife and not humiliate her by spanking her like she's naughty.

I LOVE being spanked during sex, but not so much as a punishment. You should ask your partner and see what she'd like, if you're thinking of an actual spanking session.

Good luck!

It depends on the woman. There are other ideas at I found some great ideas to use with my husband that spiced up our love life.

Definitely - open hand - playfully!!

Only if it doesn't hurt.

idk it depends on wht type of girl/women it is


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