Thursday, September 3, 2009

Which side is the belt buckle worn?

I know women's shirts are made with the buttons on the wearer's left and men's with the buttons on the wearer's right. Does the same "rule" apply to belts? I'm right handed and it's easier to thread the belt at the left hip and work it around so that the buckle winds up on the left and the end lays to the left when buckled. I don't know about rich women being dressed by servants in the old days because I don't think that women wore belts with a buckle to hold up their Levis back in those days. Is there a correct way of wearing a belt, or is it whatever works for the wearer?

Why would there be any "rule?" Just do it whichever way works for you.

Don't go through life worrying about fashion police. As long as you're not dressed offensively, feel free to do things your way.

The fashionistas in Paris love people who blindly following the latest fad du jour.

Whatever you wish,

I could care less about the fashion rules I wear the latest fashion but I wear it in my way thats why its so unique i dont have to worry about people copying my stlye and I get alot of praises when I set out of the house

Just be you

whatever works for you

i wear my belt threaded the same way as my tops, so buckle to the left. i've never heard about any rule regarding that, though, i guess it's mostly about what you're used to...

What ever works best for you!


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