Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How did women in medieval times deal with chastity belts and periods?

they didn't have pads back then so did they use cloth or something? and if they had a chastity belt what happened when their period came? try to stuff cloth in their chastity belts?

It was not flush against the body.

There was a little room to get in there to clean yourself and it.

Some woman just bribed the locksmith to give them another key...that practice was so common, it was joked about.

you sound confused and its making me sad. why dont you google this? its faster and less embarassing for you :( yes they used rags or cloths.

"A chastity belt is a locking item of clothing designed to prevent sexual intercourse and possibly masturbation. The purpose may also be to protect the wearer from rape or temptation. Devices have been created for males and females....On belts intended for long-term wear, this shield must accommodate the wearer's hygienic needs:

* For females, the shield is commonly a flat band with a slot through which the labia can protrude and through which urine can pass. Some manufacturers fit a perforated cover (sometimes called the "secondary shield") over this slot to prevent the wearer from being pinched when sitting. The cover may also prevent direct masturbation by blocking the labia from touch.

* For males, the shield usually covers a tube in which the penis is held facing downward, with perforations at the bottom of the shield to allow urine to escape. The testicles are usually left exposed on both sides of the tube, although some designs have an additional cup that prevents easy access to the entire genital area.

* Belts with a "thong" arrangement have a single strap running up between the buttocks to the waistband. On some, this is a plastic-coated cable or a thin, curved metal rod. This strap may or may not be loose enough to pull aside, depending on whether the fit of the belt is to protect against anal penetration. On other designs, the rear strap is solid with an aperture over the anus to allow passage of feces.

* Belts with a "V"-arrangement have a pair of chains attached together at the bottom of the shield and apart towards the back of waistband in a "V" to leave the rear open.

* On both male and female belts, the shield can be designed to work with genital piercings for greater security."

They used layers of cloth, which when they changed it, it was washed, hung up to dry, and used again. Some would put fragrant leaves and grasses between the layers of cloth to help with the odor. Thank goodness for modern times. Chastity belts were used mainly by men going out on crusades,who didn't trust their women - but do you really believe that the women did not have a key or a way of getting them off, and back on again before the men came back? :)

The chastity belt is a much later thing - no one actually wore them in medieval times.

Medieval women used pads and even tampons made of clean rags and absorbent moss - that's where the phrase "being on the rag" came from.

wow this is a good question but i hope it isn't because you want to bring medievalism back especially in these apparently increasing fundamentalist times!

Thye had a linen that they put in there under garmets that was to be reused and washed at night.

they had these things that they wore and then washed at night. but it was considered a luxury. most women just bled.

eww thats so gross! just be thankful that todaay there are tampons and purity rings for those purposes =)

wow, i never thought about that. those poor women!


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