Friday, September 4, 2009

Is the direction of the belt different for men and women? If so, how?

yeah, for women the buckle is on the left side, while men's buckles are on the right. i have no idea why though

Actually it depends on your belt. For the skinnier belts, it doesn;t matter which side u put in. Whichever is most convenient and comfort.

However for most thicker belts, there will be a certain curvature to the belt, so there is only one way where u can wear it correct. It differs from belt to belt, but in general also left to right. I do have some thick belts which fits from right to left, so just follow the curvature of the belts.

i've never heard of that before! wow that's kinda weird

wow i didn't know that about the buckles but it is kinda cool even though it doesn't really matter what side you put the buckle on

Yeah the Buckle is on the opposite side, just like our button down shirts/blouses the buttons are on the opposite side from mens.

Way back in Medieval times, women did not usually dress themselves. They had handmaids to help them. Therefore the dressmakers designed the garments so the buttons were in the proper position for the dressers, the person USING the buttons. The tradition continued throughout the ages and even into today's styles


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