Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do women actually wear stockings with a garter belt anymore?

Ladies - do you prefer to wear stockings with a garter belt or pantyhose? Are stockings reserved for only the professional office and for modeling lingerie? I get a thrill out of seeing a woman wearing nylons with a dress or skirt and perhaps trying to find out if they are thigh highs or pantyhose. I have a bit of a foot/leg fetish and I was just curious to know if women still wearing stockings quite frequently or for what occassions.

I can't speak for all women, but I still wear pantyhose and at other times I wear stockings and a garter belt.

I believe all women know that covered legs drive men wild. The guys who say they don't still stare at your legs too much for me to think anything else.

I wear stockings when it is very warm outside. The other time would be for a special someone or I just want to feel a bit more sexy on that day. I have had some trouble finding stockings in higher denier (tights quality and thickness).

I am a professional and wear pantyhose everyday to work. It is the dress code; there is no way around this.

I have read some of the answers regarding stockings/pantyhose wearers on this website. I don't believe the ladies who say that they wear pantyhose everyday. I believe this is more for you guys that eat this up. I know you are asking, "why can't I find one of these girls?"

I think it is very cool that you are trying to get opinions and information regarding your foot/leg fetish. It is sooo cute.

I wear stockings with a suspender (garter) belt every day; for work, for leisure, for cleaning the house, for gardening.

I don't feel dressed without my stockings; and can't understand people who say they're uncomfortable etc.

I hate pantyhose. They are terribly uncomfortable. I don't often wear stockings, as my legs are pretty smooth and tan, but when I do, I use a garter belt. I'd say most of the women you see are probably wearing pantyhose, but some of us still go the old-fashioned way. Hope you approve.

special occasions only and then only if there is a chill in the air but never in summer....

I do not make a habit of wearing them (pantyhose).

I love thigh highs and garter belts, but again it depends on the occasion and the weather....I mostly wear them for my man - he loves them ;)



edit: acutally, they're both really uncomfortable.

and i don't really think they're necessary if you shave your legs and use lotion, specially in the summer.

i usually wear dresses, specially summer dresses, with bare legs.

I wear them for when I go to chruch, or whenever I wear a dress.

not really the trend in recent years has been bare legs or tights not really garters or panyhose but some people still do


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