Saturday, August 29, 2009

How do you wear a garter belt?

ok all the pics I see of women wearing a garter belt it looks as though the panties are under the straps. So wouldn't your man have to unclip it from your thigh highs in order to remove your panties? Seems like a awful lot of work....Is there a easier way? I'm talking bedroom here, not functionally.

if thats a worry, don't wear panties, or wear ones which can be pushed aside while you're... doing what you do...

For it to look right, they need to be worn underneath the garters. Afterall, garters today are worn for the sexiness, not as functional clothing. I absolutely LOVE garters and garter hose. My thoughts. :)

I've also seen them with the panties worn over the garter belt - usually in films for bedroom scenes, but if this it what you're going for that should do it.

I always wear my panties over my garter belt. Makes it easier to get it off if you are out, and for the look/access you are talk, just takes a pull, rather than unclipping 4-6 garter tabs...

if you go for a dinner, but plan on having fun, wear a suspender tight. it is a garter belt+ stocking in one piece. no elastics to clip.

wear panties on top, so that you can remove them easily.

yep... that doesnt make much sense.. never really thought of it.. i would wear it the other way if you want to leave them on..


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