Monday, August 17, 2009

Possible Below the belt piercings for women?

I'm just curious about the different types of piercings down there. I already have my hood done.

I know you can get the labia (minora and majora) done and the very rare clit. Is there anything special? What do some women on here have? Any good sites with pics?


Tribalectic is one of the best free piercing sites around, in my opinion. When I was on one of my piercing kicks that was the site I found most useful and informative and yes, they have pictures. Keep in mind when looking at the pictures that some people submit their pictures into the wrong category. There is also a forum and a section to read personal piercing experiences.

BME is also good but you are limited to the amount of pictures you can see without buying a subscription.

I also have my hood done, vertically. Other down below piercings for women (which are on Tribalectic) include the guiche and triangle. The guiche is that area between the anus and vagina. The triangle looks like a horizontal hood piercing but further down and obviously not on the hood. I'm not 100% about that one though.

Try here. I haven't checked the 'below the belt' section, but the other sections have tons of pictures for piercings.

Hope it helps!! And good luck if you get it done.

yuck. why would u want to peirce yourself below the belt :(

Ouch ! the other areas mentioned will hurt a lot more than the hood did. Why would you want to abuse yourself? if you do, be prepared!


Tons and tons of pictures. Clitoral hood piercings are what you're wanting to look at.

As a male, I find most piercings & all tatoos make women less feminine.

Ear Rings are fine...

Belly Buttons are OK..

Nipples are very marginal...

The rest are a negative influence for me....

You should not pierce the actually clit due to loss of sensation that is commonly experienced, rather the clitoral hood, this can be done horizontally or vertically and even on a diagonal. If you know of a creative and skilled piercer, you can pierce just about any part down there and not suffer any negative consequences

I had a vertical clitoral hood piercing and after a few months found it to be rather uncomfortable, so I removed it. I still have my labia majora pierced, one on each and I love them.

If you would like pictures and information on this please go to:

Or message me with questions.

No, don't have a clue I just wanted to see where you wanted to put your next one.

cool, you are brave

Try for genital piercing galleries. They have thousands of pictures.


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